Last update : may 06, 2012

Scol basics

  • Scol partitions
  • Usm.ini configuration
  • For the comprehension of Scol Virtual Machine stack, see Stack

Howto compile sources

  • Scol launcher (scol.exe)
  • Virtual machine (scol.dll)
  • 2D OS library (libos2d.dll)
  • 2D graphic library (lib2d.dll)
  • Multi media library (mmedia.dll)
  • Sql library (scolsql.dll)
  • Serial library (serialio.dll)
  • ActiveX library (Xtension.dll)
  • Security SSA / RSA encryption (security.dll)
  • SO3engine Ogre3D engine for scol (so3engine.dll)
  • OpenGL engine for scol (zoogl.dll) (deprecated)
  • Wii devices library (wiimote.dll)
  • mozilla scol embeded plugin (npscol.dll)
  • Internet Explorer scol embeded plugin (axscol.dll)

Howto make a scol extension

Template source

Scol plugin SDK setup (only MS Windows !)
Scol SDK for windows (scol.h) : This file contain the basics Scol virtual machine manipulation methods (only MS Windows !)

Scol plugin SDK API Documentation

Scol plugins and others (MS Windows and GNU/Linux, in french)


  • How to convert *.lib to *.a on MS Windows with MingW32 ? Example with "scol_sdk" (adjust to your configuration/path) :
cd X:
X:\>cd scol_sdk
X:\scol_sdk>c:\MinGW\bin\reimp.exe --dlltool "c:\MingW\bin\dlltool.exe" --as "c:\MingW\bin\as.exe" scol.lib
  • How to install EL for the Scol team ?