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To perform a better use of this trac and make it Understandable for all, a charter of use has been defined.

This trac had to be used because it is the central tool to define the priorities of development and to follow the Openspace3D project.


A milestone corresponds to a version of Openspace3D and the corresponding voyager.

The "Openspace3D beta" milestone permits to define the global objectives concerning the platform.


They allow to identify which components is targeted concerning a corresponding tickets.

A ticket could concern several components especially for Openspace3D beta tickets


VM_SO3Engine: 3D Engine Component(SO3Engine)

It could concern a development to modify SO3Engine.dll or to add a functionality into it

ex : Add functions to use stereoscopic rendering

OS3D_PlugIT : Component conerns the development of a new plugIT or a modification of an existing plugIT

Naming Tickets

The objetive is to define tickets as thematic tickets.

It optimises the project management.


[Particles] Integration of particles system in Openspace3D (it is a global ticket)

A concrete example

The following example shows and explains the naming for tickets corresponding to a functionality.

- "We want to develop an Avatar plugIT into Openspace3D"

- The global tickets in Openspace3D beta milestone is :

milestone : Openspace3D beta summary : [Avatar] Add a plugIT to manage avatar. components : VM+OS3D_plugIT

- Into the milestone corresponding to the implementation, we add all "subTickets" corresponding to Avatar plugIT project :

milestone : Openspace3D alpha 0.1.9 summary: [Avatar] Management of bones into 3D Engine Component : VM_SO3Engine

milestone : Openspace3D alpha 0.1.9 summary: [Avatar] Possibility to Add Mesh to a bone into 3D Engine Component : VM_SO3Engine

milestone : Openspace3D alpha 0.1.9 summary: [Avatar] plugIT editor Component : OS3D_plugIT

milestone : Openspace3D alpha 0.1.9 summary: [Avatar] Animation system Component : OS3D_plugIT

Why used this topology?

  • The global functionality is defined by a project ex : [Avatar]
  • The functionallity is cutted in several tickets for the development concerning a particular version of Openspace3D
  • Openspace3D beta allow to have a global vision of the final project and a vision of the priorities