How to configure a version 5x ?

Here is the configuration for version 5.x and 4.5.x. For newer versions, see How to use Scol.

The Scol voyager (or Voyager) is the interface between the user and the operating system. This has a graphical interface to configure the Scol behavior and launch any Scol applications.
The Voyager can be partially removed and a product can be published like this (for experts only).

On MS Windows, except particular uses, these versions should be updated to 6.x.

Launch Scol and double-click on the Scol icon (in the tasks bar on MS Windows, on your desktop on GNU/Linux).
There are two parts in the graphical interface.

The first (in top) has an editable text field and few buttons.

  • The field allows you to enter an url (scol://, http://, ftp://, ...). Click on "Go" to send this request (if any, your favorite browser. may be opened).
  • The "?" button shows an help page.
  • The "HOME" button dispays the bottom of the graphical interface (1, below).
  • The arrows button allows you to set Scol (2, below).


You can manage your bookmarks. Click on a link to edit or remove it ; choose the "ADD" button to add the current url in this list.


  • Language : select your default language by clicking on the arrow.
  • 3d : select OpenGL if your system supports this (higher quality), otherwise, choose Software (lower quality).
  • Webcam : choose the driver to your webcam, if any.
  • Local IP : check and select your external IP address.
  • In bottom, a "grid" button allows you to set mannually the connection (if you are behind a proxy or firewall for example). Generally, check the "automatic setup" is sufficient. Otherwise, uncheck that and fill text fields.