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h1. Welcome to the SCOL wiki

Scol is a free language. [[What is Scol ??]]

To use an application written in Scol, you must install Scol on the machine. You only need to do once.

* [[How to install Scol]] ?
* [[How to use Scol]] ?
* [[How to get a support]] ?

To create yourself an application, it is easy.

* [[How to build a project from an existing software]] ?
* [[How to develop a Scol software]] ?

To contribute to the Scol language.

* [[How to post a bug or suggestions]] ?
* [[How to submit a patch]] ?
* [[How to write a tutorial]] / help, do a translation, submit graphics, etc ?
* [[How to code an Scol extension]] ?

h2. Resources on the web

Join the Scol community on "": : news, advice, ideas, exchanges and *support*.

Index du wiki : "index":

============================================= h2. How to contribute ?

For a complete list of local wiki pages, see [[TitleIndex]].