Sqlite3: SQLite3 0.1.7

Added by iri over 4 years ago

- SQLite3 supports now : 3.16.1
- update to C-headers
- better tree of sources files
- CMake support

Doc :

Sources files :

Sqlite3: SQLite3 support : alpha6

Added by iri about 6 years ago

- SQLite3 updated : 3.7.5 => 3.7.8
- Linux version updated
- Some corrections (Windows and Linux versions)
- Change the prototype of _sqliteExecResult : fun [ObjSqlite S I] [[[S S] r1] r1]
- Doc has been updated :

Enjoy !

Sqlite3: SQLite3 alpha5 (1 comment)

Added by iri over 6 years ago

  • SQLite3 major update : 3.6.23 -> 3.7.5
  • Corrections : a lot of minor (potentials) bugs
  • C standard (used only)

Don't change any previous Scol code, the API is unchanged.
Have phun !

GKeyFile: GKeyFile : New API

Added by iri almost 7 years ago

gKeyFile is a Scol library based from GLib 2.24 / 2.26.
GNU / Linux and Microsoft Windows are the supported platforms.

A key file, typically a configuration file. It can contain groups, keys, values, list of values and localization for each key. It is possible to read and write any comments.

gKeyFile allows all intended operations between a key file and Scol.

For more informations, see the documentations.


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