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PlugIt for mipmap_bias default changing

Added by el_motoblock over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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plyease add plug-it for changing default value of mipmap_bias to other numbers.
Format: mipmap_bias <value>
Default: mipmap_bias 0

I understand this but I'm not completely sure:
If the material has a texture dd, but not set the parameter mipmap_bias,
Then it is set to 0.
You need a plugin that changes this parameter to the specified one.
Only if not specified in the *.material file
So that it does not affect if the value specified in the file is.


#1 Updated by el_motoblock over 3 years ago

This thing is needed to adjust this value to increase the picture quality / performance

#2 Updated by arkeon over 3 years ago

I'm not sure it's a good idea to use a plugit for the default value, maybe this parameter should be better in the scene render settings

#3 Updated by arkeon over 3 years ago

Or do you think this must be change at runtime ?

#4 Updated by arkeon over 3 years ago

after a quick look at Ogre code, the mipmap bias is set on textures units on material creation / load.
Change this value on all materials at runtime should means to update all textures in scene and could be heavy.
What I can do is to manage a default value in our 3D engine on texture creation.

Another better solution should be to have a material editor and be able to change this option for each material.

#5 Updated by el_motoblock over 3 years ago

It is necessary all manually. But I wanted to be able to change the settings both in the game settings.

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